Organizational Structure
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The organizational structure applied in NetNam Corporation includes Shareholders, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, and Board of Management.


Shareholders in General Meeting hold the highest power of making decisions including the vote and annual meeting participation (at lease per year). Shareholders in General Meeting decide issues subject to Government Law and Company Rules such as: adopting annual financial reports and expenditure for the following years, voting, dismissing members of Board of directors and Board of Supervisors.

Board of Directors:

Selected by Shareholders in General Meeting, they  have full power of making decisions concerning company’s goals and benefits, except issues decided by Shareholders. Board of Directors has the power and duty of monitoring Chief Executive Office and other managers. Its power and duty subject to Government Law & company rules and Shareholders’ resolutions.


Board of Supervisors:

Selected by Shareholders in General Meeting, they hold the duty of supervising Board of Directors’ management, CEO’s business operation in balance sheets and financial reports. Board of Supervisors is independent of Board of Directors and CEO.


Board  of Management:

CEO manages and decides all company’s daily issues and responsible to Board of Directors for his management. Branch Director takes charge of branch business management.



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